Purification plate

  • Polyurethane sandwich plate
  • Polyurethane sandwich plate
Polyurethane sandwich platePolyurethane sandwich plate

Polyurethane sandwich plate

  • Steel / fluorocarbon / galvanized / galvanized steel / stainless steel / stainless iron 201.202.304 430
  • Width: 950mm, 1150mm Density: 15 - 45 (kg/m3)
  • Thickness: 50;75; 100;120:150:200 (available upon request) Thermal conductivity: 0.024(w/m.k)
  • Water absorption rate (%): 2.45 (V / V)
  • Product description:


Polyurethane PU core material, hot zinc color steel plate for the surface layer (two layers) and high
strength adhesive. Heating, pressurizing, trimming, grooving, and lowering through a high-speed
continuous automated molding machine A new generation of architectural and decorative panels.
Rigid polyurethane foams have better heat resistance, and there is no significant change in volume
and strength at temperatures below 120 °C. Its thermal conductivity is small. When the density is
0.03kg/m3. The thermal conductivity is 63g/m.h.k) (15cai /m. h .k)

Widely used in large industrial plants, cold storage, garages, mobile homes, exhibition halls, exhibition
halls, stadiums, shopping centers, airports, power plants, villas, hospitals, strata and high-rise office
buildings, etc.




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