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  • Muffler plate
Muffler plateMuffler plate

Muffler plate

  • Material:galvanized steeI/0.4-1.5 mm/antielectrostatic steel/stainless steel 2 0 1.202.304 and stainless steel 430
  • Core material:rock wool core mate rial density is 120kg/m3. Core mate rial:950 1150mm:the length can be customized according to customer demand
  • Thickness:50:75;1 00;120;125;150;175;200 mm characteristics of sound absorption effect,fire prevention,in sulation etc.
  • Advantages:good fire resistance,good sound insulation Installation:each plate can bedisassembled,replaced(groove type socket)
  • Product description:

The muffler is covered with holes of different depth, shape and aperture. Because the sound absorbing

composite panel is made of porous color steel and the core material is made of rock wool of 120 kg/m3.
It can prevent air flow well, obstruct sound wave, improve sound absorption coefficient, and improve
the strength of the sheet itself. It has sound absorption, environmental protection, flame retardant,
heat insulation, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, dust-proof, easy cutting, splicing, simple construction,
good stability, strong impact  resistance and good independence. High cost performance.


At present, it is widely used in production and working environment with clean requirements. Including
electronic and computer products manufacturing, medical supplies and drug production, aerospace,
precision instrument manufacturing, food production, medical operating room and other industries.
Although some factories do not require high cleanliness, they are also widely used as partition walls
in factories because of their flexible disassembly and assembly characteristics.




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