Purification plate

  • Polyurethane sandwich plate
  • Polyurethane sandwich plate
Polyurethane sandwich platePolyurethane sandwich plate

Polyurethane sandwich plate

  • Surface material: Steel / anti-static / fluorocarbon / galvanized / galvanized steel / stainless steel / stainless iron 201.202.304 430
  • Width: 950mm, 1150mm Plate;non standard plate with arbitrary
  • Thickness: 50;75; 100;(custom) Thermal conductivity: 0.024(w/m.k)
  • Length:accrding to customer demand<6000mm
  • Product description:
Slight weight building plates with color-coated steel plates as surface material, with hollow glass
magnesium as core materials, made by pressurizing and composite in continuous molding machine
with thermosetting glue. Glass magnesium takes magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride and water
as triad system, and made by allocation and adding modifier.
Magnesium binding materials with stable performance. Take intermediate -alkaline glass fiber mesh
as reinforcing materials. New noninflammable decorative materials by recombination with light
materials as filling material. It is processed with special production craftsmanship. It has the features
such as fire proof, water proof, no odor, non toxicity, no freezing, no corrosion,
no crack,  no change, non-inflammability, and high strength.




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