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  • Corrugated plate
  • Corrugated plate
Corrugated plateCorrugated plate

Corrugated plate

  • Surface material: Steel / fluorocarbon / galvanized / galvanized steel / stainless steel / stainless iron 201.202.304 430
  • Width: 950mm, 960mm
  • Thickness: 50;75; 100;120:150:200 (available upon request) Thermal conductivity: 0.024(w/m.k)
  • Fire-proof level:B3
  • Product description:


The combination of the corrugated board and the sandwich panel is three times stronger than the

ordinary flat color steel sandwich panel; the hidden self-drilling screw is linked with the roof truss, and

the exposed portion of the color coated coil is not damaged, and the color steel is extended. The life

of the sandwich panel; the connection between  the board and the board adopts a buckle cap type,

which is convenient for construction and improves the efficiency, and the maximum feature is not easy

to seep. Light weight, high strength, rich color, fast construction, earthquake resistance, Fireproof,

rainproof, long life, maintenance free and so on.


With professional baking finish to effectively prevent  corrosion, it is the first choice for biomedical

research units and senior office building to meet health standards.




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