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  • Silica plate
Silica plate

Silica plate

  • fire resistance is good: fire insulation board is inorganic materials (silica, sulfur, magnesium, etc.), fire rating up to a grade, for non burning material, so as to have good fire resistance.
  • long service life, good stability: fire insulation board insulation layer has good stability and anti-aging properties, and construction with the same life.
  • light texture: its bulk density between 80kg-100kg/m3, can effectively reduce the weight of the building
  • sound insulation performance is good: fire insulation board of sound insulation performance is ordinary partition 5-8 times, can be good to solve the problem of sound insulation;
  • Product description:


The main raw materials of silica rock board are silica, magnesium sulfide and polyphenyl granules,

which are made of fire-resistant and heat-insulating sheets which are sealed by the high-tech to

produce closed pores inside the slurry. The product has high pressure resistance, flexural strength

and strength index, and achieves uniformity of low density and high strength phase. It is not easy to

be broken by use and transportation, and meets fire integrity. It is non-toxic and harmless.

There is no environmental pollution caused by harmful gas emissions during production, construction and use, and it will not pollute the environment.


The product has beautiful surface, sound insulation, thermal insulation, earthquake resistance, fire

protection performance in line with national standards.

The products are widely used in electronics (industrial plant), medicine (purification room) and chemical industry (fire workshop).




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